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Hi, I’m Heather Wallace and I am an Author and Publisher. A little about me:

Heather Wallace writes about confidence, overcoming self-doubt and following her passion.  She is the award-winning author of non-fiction titles Confessions of a Timid Rider, which details her insights about being an anxiety-ridden but passionate horse lover and Girl Forward: A Tale of One Woman’s Unlikely Adventure in Mongolia. Heather is well known for her blog, The Timid Rider, chronicling her journey as a returning adult equestrian with a lot more curves and determination. 

In 2020, she created The Bookstore for Horse Lovers, a website dedicated to featured equine authors across genres, both traditionally and independently published. Learn more at waterhorsepress.com, thebookstoreforhorselovers.com, or timidrider.com. 


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