Confessions Books

Heather Wallace is short, sassy, and bold on the ground but not in the saddle! She is on a personal journey as a returning adult equestrian to follow her passion despite struggling with anxiety, trying to balance motherhood, and build a small business.

Confessions of a Timid Rider (Book One)- Heather Wallace writes about confidence, overcoming self-doubt and following her passion as an adult equestrian returning to horses after more than a decade. Written in a confessional, narrative style, this book is a relatable and honest view of what it takes to get back in the saddle after a long time off.

Adulting with Horses (Book Two)- Continuing on where book one leaves off, Heather finally gets a pony of her own. With owning her own horse she now has the freedom to do things her way. If Confessions is "how it started", then Adulting With Horses is "how it's going". Don't miss how a timid rider steps out of her comfort zone and focuses on being just a little bit bold both in the saddle and out.