Confessions of a Timid Rider Book Cover
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 188
Audiobook: $ 6.99
ISBN: B08GKS9541
Paperback: $ 10.00
ISBN: 978-1387812899
Size: 9.00 x 6.00 in
Pages: 186

A memoir detailing a woman's insights about being an anxiety-ridden but passionate equestrian. After returning to riding as a mother, she is determined to follow her dreams despite the fear she is somehow lacking in talent or ability. An in-depth look into the heart and head of a returning adult equestrian, this message is not limited only those  with horse experience. In fact, Confessions of a Timid Rider is the perfect book to read for anyone whom even for a moment questions their value in their designated profession or life choice. This book will inspire you to pursue your dreams despite the inner voice that says you aren’t good enough.

Publisher: Water Horse Press
Reviews:Susan Friedland wrote:

"I have been a reader of Heather's blog for about a year or so, and was excited to get a deeper glimpse into her life as a mom, wife, writer, rider, and small business owner. I was given a copy of Confessions of a Timid Rider for review and I really liked it. Sometimes in the equestrian world it seems like everyone else has their act together except for me (am I the only one whose car has arena grit on the floor and sports alfalfa bits in my purse?). Thanks to Heather's authenticity in storytelling I feel less alone juggling the work/life/barn life situation. The chapter about her daughter as her hero is really special, and as tender as her voice can be, in other parts her fun, snarky side comes out (but not too snarky). What I really enjoyed as I read this book is that I felt like she was having a conversation with me. Her voice is very strong and she is not shy about delving into her personal joys and struggles. Timid rider or not, if you are a grown up horse girl who likes a good story, you'll feel like you made a new friend by reading Heather Wallace's memoir."

Valerie A. Ormond wrote:

I enjoyed Heather Wallace’s honest view of being an adult rider who recognizes she doesn’t see riding the same way as she did in her younger years. This was a fun exploration of thoughts some mature riders have and that they try to chase away. The author discusses issues in a conversational way that had me both laughing with her and self-reflecting. I give her a lot of credit for putting herself out there in words, fighting doubt, and letting other riders know they may not be the only “timid rider.”

ASLacey wrote:

Exactly the book I needed to read ... Felt like I was in the barn listening to a friend share her adventures!

H001 wrote:

Coming for a timid rider, I felt everything in this book! It inspired me start taking lessons again and get over the “mommy fear” This book is a great, witty read!

Michelle Ervin wrote:

Heather Wallace and her Confessions of a Timid Rider put to words my style of riding! The parallels in our paths riding journey are interesting! A fun read! Thanks for stepping out of your comfort zone to inspire others!

LBK wrote:

I have a confession to make myself - I, too, am a timid rider, so I was especially interested to see Heather Wallace's take on coming back to horses as an adult. Heather is very candid about her fears, but her ability to challenge herself and not quit is so inspiring and something to be admired. Her writing is clear and concise, and sometimes laugh out loud funny! We've ALL been there/done that...but Heather is just brave enough to write about it for all to see. Highly recommend this fun read - can't wait for more!

Hazel wrote:

This is a fantastic book - relatable and inspiring. I could not put it down. Highly recommended whether you ride horses or not!

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