A Tale of One Woman's Unlikely Journey to Mongolia

Girl Forward Mongolia Book Cover
Editions:Paperback: $ 10.00
ISBN: 978-1719204507
Size: 8.00 x 5.00 in
Pages: 190
Pages: 190

“You did what? Where?”

When I tell people I traveled to Mongolia to photograph a horse race there is often confusion. Even my friends and family struggled to understand.

I was a mother of three struggling to build a business for myself. But when I had the opportunity to travel across the world for several weeks away from everything and everyone I loved, I jumped at the chance and left it all behind for awhile.  The Gobi Desert Cup, an endurance horse race over 480 kilometers in six days, on Mongolian horses sought a writer and photographer to attend their event, and that was going to be me. I don’t camp, I don’t normally take risks, and I don’t speak Mongolian. Yet, I never doubted for a second that I needed to be part of this experience. I knew from the very start this would be a journey of self-discovery.

I didn’t know it would change my life.

Publisher: Water Horse Press
Reviews:Carly Kade on Amazon wrote:

"I really enjoyed the behind the scenes trials, tribulations, and successes that Heather Wallace chronicles in her newest memoir. I felt like I was on the trip to Mongolia with her! As with all of her books, Heather's message of being bold and pushing through fear to find a deeper experience of life rings through. I enjoyed reading along as she recounted an adventure of a lifetime."

R. Maners wrote:

"A lively but cautious Jersey girl accustomed to the comforts of home with her children and pets applies for the adventure of a lifetime--covering an endurance horse race in Mongolia for social media. Her story includes everything you wondered but were afraid to ask about her experiences on the steppes, especially as someone accustomed to First World comforts. How does she bring herself to, not only do her job but look forward to next year, and how the experience changes her along the way makes for a fascinating story."

NGK wrote:

Engrossing read, five stars!

Hope Ellis-Ashburn wrote:

"I've read each of Heather's books and this one is definitely her best yet. It was both fun and interesting. I got through it quickly because I didn't want to put it down."

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